At vedge we’re crazy about carrots, bonkers about broccoli and potty about peppers.




Because we know that the more you eat, the better you’re likely to feel.  


And like you, we want healthy to be handy (and tasty).

So we give veg some punch, and make them easy to munch.

vedge bars aren’t a substitute for fresh veg though – nothing beats that,
or other fresh whole plant foods!


In fact, we’d love it if you read about all our ingredients, here,
so you know exactly what vedge bars contain.



Without getting too serious about it, we’re sick and tired of food companies only talking about the good ingredients they use, and conveniently forgetting about the others (and the impact of processing them). We think they have a duty to be as open and honest about their products as possible, so we hope to take a lead in this area.


There’s a bigger picture too.


We’re also passionate about making healthy food as accessible as possible, but we know that our bars aren’t cheap. We’re always working hard to lower the price without sacrificing quality or nutrition, but to make sure that we’re doing something to make healthy food more accessible now, we purchase surplus fruit and veg (that would otherwise go to waste) from ODDBOX and donate it to people and places where it can make a real difference.


We’ve started by getting a weekly subscription for the Loughborough Community Centre at the Max Roach Centre in Brixton. During school term time, they pass the fruit and veg on to local families that might not otherwise get the benefits of it. And during school holidays they’ll use it in their cooking classes for local children, which are a great way of establishing healthy eating habits.


With your support, we hope to be able to buy many more fresh fruit and veg subscriptions for worthy causes in the future.


vedge bars were developed in partnership with Gurpareet Bains.












vedge snacks is a trading name of nuber food limited; Office 7, 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN; registration number 10499196

What our customers say

Really love your snacks...was pleasantly surprised with the tomato ketchup one!

Liz, UK (Taste tester)

Really loved the pumpkin pie bar the most.

Hannah, UK (Taste tester)

"2 of 5 a day in a healthy snack with low calorie count is a great option."

Matthew, London

Beetroot and Pumpkin Pie were amazing! Could see myself eating a lot of them

Rob, UK (Taste tester)

The bars are delicious. Was not sure if I would want to eat savoury bars, but this has changed my mind.

Tim, UK (Taste tester)

Great snack and healthy too. Our kids love them!

Bekah, London (Amazon review)

Great way to get your 5 a day. Really enjoyed these bars. My favourite was the beetroot and orange flavour, even my 10 year old enjoyed. Great way to snack healthily.

Marie, London (Amazon review)

I don't know of anything else like this on the market and think it's a really good idea. I was really surprised how much I liked the tomato ketchup one!

Jo, UK (Taste tester)

Delicious vegetable bars that make it so much easier to get in your five a day! Flawless products and service provided by Vedge Snacks - cannot recommend enough!

Loraine, Kent (Trustpilot review)

"when you think that you are getting 2 of your 5 a day from just one bar… it is so much easier to eat this way! Genius product"

Charlotte, London

"Absolutely delicious!"

Sharona, Milton Keynes

Absolutely delicious! Really loved the Broccoli and the Pumpkin Pie. Hard to believe they contain 2 of your 5 a day. Lovely crunch from buckwheat and each flavour has a different subtle spice kick. Highly recommend these for healthy snackers.

Mike, London (Amazon review)

Very nice healthy snack on the go! Beetroot flavour is a favourite, but all were tasty and had a nice feeling afterwards that you're eating healthy and getting in some of your “5 a day” veg

Sam, Cheshire (Amazon reveiw)