1 of each savoury launch flavour

The full launch range of savoury bars, to help you find your favourite.

Ideal as part of a light lunch or as an early evening snack. And because they’re all high in whole food fibre, any of them are great for a sustained energy boost.

Veggie Bars are packed with as much veg as possible, whereas Vedge Bars replace some of the veg with raisins and buckwheat, for a more familiar texture.

  • Balsamic Tomato Veggie Bar (27g) – tangy tomato and tart balsamic – a match made in Mediterranean heaven, with a carrot base and a sprinkling of spinach for good measure.
  • Green Pepper, Lime & Chille Veggie Bar (27g) – green pepper with sour lime and spicy chilli – a classic South American combination with a carrot base.
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper Vedge Bar (25g) – the classic savoury snack flavour, on a carrot and spinach base.
  • Chinese Broccoli Vedge Bar (25g) – brilliant broccoli and Chinese five spice seasoning on a carrot base.

  • 29% less sugar than fruit and nut bars and 48% less than fruit leathers, on average
  • 150% more fibre than fruit and nut bars and 60% more than fruit leathers, on average
  • Veggie Bars – 2 of your 5 a day / 70% veg
  • Vedge Bars – 1 of your 5 a day / 50% veg, with raisins and buckwheat too
  • No added or free sugar
  • No preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • 100% plants
  • High in whole food fibre

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The finer details


The Veggie Bars contain dried veg, tapioca starch, rapeseed oil, pea flour and natural flavourings.

The Vedge Bars contain the same, but also raisins and buckwheat.

Please see the individual product pages for full details.

What do our customers say?


  1. tvauhkonen

    These bars are just simply amazing, exactly what I’ve been looking for! I don’t eat sugar so I’m constantly looking for snacks that have a genuine great taste and are healthy. I love all of the bars but especially the spicy ones which give a wonderful kick. I can highly recommend these to anyone!

  2. harrydore

    I am mum of 3, pregnant with my 4th and quite frankly I know I should eat more veg but struggling with finding the time to peel a carrot of late these grab and go veg bars that you can stick in your bag as you run out the door are a revelation and god send! Most ‘healthy’ snacks on the market are still fruit based and full of sugar so finding bars made of VEG is AWESOME! When I am hungry I really need to eat and these bars fill that hole in the most satisfying & healthy way – I love the interesting flavours, all of them and to know that they are just filling me with goodness is a great feeling. My husband was a fan of the sweeter, fruitier bars wanting them for his morning coffee – but having finished the green / savoury bars I ate them all too before he could take them to work! My preference is defo the savoury bars (that might be pregnancy related as I am quite into savoury at the moment) but the sweeter bars also seem a healthier blend than most of what I have tried and tested on the market. I would be thrilled if I could pick these up in town rather than having to order online – PLEASE get them in shops ASAP!!!!!

  3. koosha

    My personal favourite is the Green Pepper Lime and Chilli, such a journey of flavours and really feel a chilli kick at the end which is fantastic.

    I have to say Nuber have produced such a variety of flavours and they do legitimately taste like exactly what you say they taste like. Who knew I liked Chinese Broccoli!!??!?

    All the flavours really come out which shows that they’re using real ingredients and keeping everything clean.

    Guilt-free pleasure.

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What our customers say

"Green pepper and Chinese broccoli were stand outs for taste and originality"

Simon, Bristol

"Absolutely delicious!"

Sharona, Milton Keynes

"when you think that you are getting 2 of your 5 a day from just one bar… it is so much easier to eat this way! Genius product"

Charlotte, London

"2 of 5 a day in a healthy snack with low calorie count is a great option."

Matthew, London

"Its a fabulous concept and for me it really works. A great array of flavours as well as a choice between the savoury and sweet."

Nick, Surrey