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We think that nutrition can and should be really simple, for most people. Humans developed over millions of years eating a mainly whole food, plant-based diet, and numerous studies suggest that approach remains the best for long-term health.
Eating a wide variety of whole plant foods can give you all the macro and most of the micro nutrients you need (the exceptions being vitamins D and B12). It’s tasty, and you don’t need to spend time counting macros or calories.


That approach doesn’t work or isn’t possible for everyone though. And potential quick fixes like low carb / high protein diets can be enticing.


Whatever your diet, however, there’s one thing that governments and health experts around the world all agree on – we should all try to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day.
Some say it should be at least ten portions, and most agree that veg should be prioritised over fruit. They contain a staggering array of beneficial nutrients, most of which we don’t fully understand. When we eat them in their whole food form, the nutrients work in harmony together and our bodies know how to get the best out of them.
There’s simply no comparison between whole food veg and isolated nutrient supplements that claim to provide the same benefits (but rarely do).


So whilst it can be tempting to cut fruit and veg out of your diet for periods of time, and rely on supplements for micronutrients instead, we don’t know of any unbiased healthcare or nutrition professional that would suggest doing this.


How does all this relate to our bars?


Well if you’re diabetic or on a low-carb diet, you may be put off by them being high in carbs. But most of the carbs, and effectively all of the sugar, are from whole food plants. And it’s primarily veg, the food group we’re all advised to eat more of!
Whole food carbs have a very different impact on our bodies compared to refined ones and the free sugars found in fruit juices, pastes and purees. Refined carbs and free sugars are generally bad, but whole food ones are probably the most important food that we can eat. So we think that stigmatising carbs in general is misleading at best and dangerous at worst.


On a per 100g basis our bars are much higher in carbs and sugar than fresh veg, but that’s just because we use dried veg. As water is by far the largest part of most fruit and veg, all the other nutrients are highly concentrated when they’re dried.


Our bars are also significantly lower in sugar than fruit-based snacks (at least 1/3 less). And these often use purees and juices rather than whole fruit, meaning that the sugar they contain is “free”, which can be very detrimental to health. Finally, our bars are much higher in fibre than most fruit-based snacks (at least 1/3 more), further slowing the release of the natural sugars into our bloodstream, providing longer-lasting energy.


If you’re a regular protein bar person, the relatively low protein content of our bars might also put you off. We’re working on higher protein versions, but it’s important to know that most people already eat more than enough protein. The main macronutrient most of us don’t eat enough of is fibre, which is only found in plants. On average UK adults eat only 18g a day, compared to the NHS’s minimum recommended amount of 30g. vedge bars are all naturally high in whole food fibre, containing c. 3.7-5g per bar.

NOTE: Our Twisted Tomato bar probably does contain a small amount of free sugar, from the ketchup it contains, but the others definitely don’t.

So if protein bars and supplements are a key part of your diet, you might want to think about increasing your fibre intake too. And vedge makes that tastier and easier than ever.


To sum that all up, we think there’s a place for vedge bars in most diets. But we’d always encourage you to focus on eating as much fresh fruit and veg as possible.


Please read our blog posts here to find out more about the power of veg and whole foods.


Nutritional detail


The tables below show the nutritional detail for our bars, on both a per bar and per 100g basis:

*the lower and greener a nutriscore is, the better


The table below shows some nutritional benefits and dietary considerations:


Vitamins & minerals



Because of the veg in particular, all our bars naturally contain a wide range of vitamins (and minerals). To make the “source of” claim, however, they need to contain more than 15% of the RDA. So whilst they contain a wide variety, we only refer to vitamins A and E. Because of the carrots, the bars are naturally a great source of vitamin A (more than 15% of RDA, but we want to be conservative). They’re naturally just under 15% of RDA for vitamin E though, so we add a bit extra in order to make the claim.


Although lots of other bars have added vitamins and minerals too, we think it’s far better to try to get them from whole foods (like the veg in our bars) where possible, so we don’t add any others. This is what nature intended, and what our bodies are used to. You can find out more about this here.


Vitamin A is good for our immune systems, skin and vision.


Vitamin E is an antioxidant that supports cells from oxidative damage.








What our customers say

Very nice healthy snack on the go! Beetroot flavour is a favourite, but all were tasty and had a nice feeling afterwards that you're eating healthy and getting in some of your “5 a day” veg

Sam, Cheshire (Amazon reveiw)

Absolutely delicious! Really loved the Broccoli and the Pumpkin Pie. Hard to believe they contain 2 of your 5 a day. Lovely crunch from buckwheat and each flavour has a different subtle spice kick. Highly recommend these for healthy snackers.

Mike, London (Amazon review)

"2 of 5 a day in a healthy snack with low calorie count is a great option."

Matthew, London

I don't know of anything else like this on the market and think it's a really good idea. I was really surprised how much I liked the tomato ketchup one!

Jo, UK (Taste tester)

Beetroot and Pumpkin Pie were amazing! Could see myself eating a lot of them

Rob, UK (Taste tester)

Delicious vegetable bars that make it so much easier to get in your five a day! Flawless products and service provided by Vedge Snacks - cannot recommend enough!

Loraine, Kent (Trustpilot review)

"when you think that you are getting 2 of your 5 a day from just one bar… it is so much easier to eat this way! Genius product"

Charlotte, London

The bars are delicious. Was not sure if I would want to eat savoury bars, but this has changed my mind.

Tim, UK (Taste tester)

Really love your snacks...was pleasantly surprised with the tomato ketchup one!

Liz, UK (Taste tester)

"Absolutely delicious!"

Sharona, Milton Keynes

Great snack and healthy too. Our kids love them!

Bekah, London (Amazon review)

Really loved the pumpkin pie bar the most.

Hannah, UK (Taste tester)

Great way to get your 5 a day. Really enjoyed these bars. My favourite was the beetroot and orange flavour, even my 10 year old enjoyed. Great way to snack healthily.

Marie, London (Amazon review)