vedge is all about making veg the star – celebrating and promoting them however we can.




Because we know that the more you eat, the better you’re likely to feel. But it can be hard to eat enough of them. 


So we made them the star…of a bar.


And originally that was all we cared about – putting a lot of veg into a bar to make them easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.


But as the project moved from a fun hobby to a full-time passion, and we learnt more about nutrition and the food industry, we realised that the bars have a unique, beneficial nutritional profile – they’re at least 1/3 less sugar and 50% more fibre than fruit-based bars.

And unlike most fruit-based bars, none of the sugar in vedge bars is “free” – it’s all bound together with the fibre and other nutrients.


So our bars are a handy way of eating more veg AND of balancing our macronutrients, because modern diets are typically too low in fibre and too high in free sugar.


Another benefit of using a veg rather than a fruit base is that we can also introduce some new flavours to the snack bar aisle, like Chinese Broccoli. All our flavours pack a similar punch, so there’s one for every time, place and taste.

You can find out about the nutritionals of our bars here.


And more about our ingredients here.


The food we eat is really important for our all-round well-being. So we think that food manufacturers owe it to their customers to be as open and honest about their ingredients as possible, and we want to take a lead in this area. We’ll start by saying that although our bars contain most of the benefits of fresh veg, they’re not as good for you and shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for them.


There’s a bigger picture too.


Despite focusing on veg, we love all whole plant foods, and the planet too.


So we try to minimise our impact on it and are committed to donating at least 1% of our sales (at least 10% of our profits) to causes that help protect it, through our membership of 1% For The Planet.



We also plan to offset both our own carbon footprint and an estimate of our customer’s when they buy our bars. Sustainability experts 3keel will help us with this, calculating our footprint and advising on the most effective ways of offsetting it.


vedge bars were developed in partnership with Gurpareet Bains.




What our customers say

"when you think that you are getting 2 of your 5 a day from just one bar… it is so much easier to eat this way! Genius product"

Charlotte, London

"Its a fabulous concept and for me it really works. A great array of flavours as well as a choice between the savoury and sweet."

Nick, Surrey

"Absolutely delicious!"

Sharona, Milton Keynes

"2 of 5 a day in a healthy snack with low calorie count is a great option."

Matthew, London

"Lime & Chilli and Chinese broccoli were stand outs for taste and originality"

Simon, Bristol